2019 November 14 Thursday


  • 2019 November 14 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

nother concrete colored sky today, complete with drizzle.

‘m trying to think of how to tell this tale and where to begin. Not at the beginning because that was too long ago and not too specific because … Well that’s private.

So I’m starting this story approximately two months ago. There is a medication that I’ve taken for years. Recently It appeared that the dosage needed to be increased. Instead of taking one tablet everyday, I would take one tablet three days a week and two tablets four times a week. That sounded simple to me. However it also meant that my current prescription of 30 didn’t provide enough pills to make it through a month when I needed 46.

A new prescription was called into the pharmacy. At this point I’m not sure if it was the falt of the person from the doctor’s office or the person at the pharmacy, but there was some miscommunication that resulted in me getting 30 pills and instruction to take one pill 4 days a week. Talking to the pharmacy clerk resulted in receiving that vacant-I-don’t-understsnd-the-problem-look.

Rather than trying to untangle that particular snarled thread of thought, I waited a week until I had an inperson appointment with the doctor on November 1. I explained to him what had happen and he said that he would order 90 tablets.

I went to the pharmacy that evening and was told they didn’t show receiving the order. I went back on the second and was told the same thing. I went back on the 5th and was again told that there was nothing for me. I gave up going to the pharmacy.

The 6th and 7th I was busy with things and forgot to contact the doctor.the 8th I started working as a mall Santa during the hours that the doctor had office hours. 9th and 10th were weekends and the office was closed.

On the 11th I asked Ella to call the doctor. She did. He called in a second order of 90 tablets. Now I’m a little unsure how the message got back to Ella, but the message was that the pharmacy had filled the order on the 1st and that, since I failed to pick them up, they had put then back in stock. Grrrr!!!!

This morning (the 14th) on my way to work, I stopped to pick up the pills and was told that the insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was too soon to need a refill. I argued that it was not a refill because I never got the first order. I got that same blank stare from that same clerk.

I told her to forget the insurance and that I would pay the full non-copay amount in cash. She smiled and said that they would be ready in 20 minutes! They have had the order for 2 to 3 days and It wasn’t ready! I couldn’t wait because I needed to continue to work.

I stopped on my way home and picked up my pills Ann’s paid full price.

As I was leaving Wal-Mart I called Dominos in Liberty Hill and ordered a pizza for pickup. I arrived at the pizza place only to be told that I had ordered it at the OTHER Dominos in Liberty Hill. So I back tracked about 5 miles and got my pizza. Boy, was I ever glad to get home!

God bless and g’nite.

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