2019 December 01 Sunday

2019 December 01 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

hat a change from the 71° start with a high of 82° to 43° this morning!

he wispy mare’s tail clouds looked nice at sunrise. Often there are no clouds and the sunrise is rather plain and uninteresting. Sometimes the cloud cover is too thick and there is no discernable sunrise at all. So this sunrise was a nice surprise.

was able to go to part of the worship service today. I was able to hear and record all of the sermon, “Silent Wings” before leaving for the mall.

anta Was busy in spurts today. There was a line when I got there and it grew and shrunk for about an hour. There was a short lull. And then another line formed, grew, shrunk, grew again then stopped. After another break, the line formed again and lasted until about 1:30 or so. A had a few more in before I left at 2.

had a woman with two preteen boys come to see Santa. Being the usual mom concerned that every pant leg was of equal length and every hair in place, she was focused on the boys, not Santa. When she went to look at the photos, she started to cry. She came back and said that I looked so much like her deceased father that it had hit her hard when she looked at the pictures.

lso today I had a woman come sit on my lap and say I reminded her of her husband that died of alzheimer this past year. I told her that I have 3 lists: the naughty, nice, and prayer list. She asked me to add her to my prayer list.

rounded up all my gloves and shirts and took them with me to the laundromat where Ella was waiting for me. I had left her at church this morning. After worship she went for lunch with friends at Cherry Creek Catfish. They then dropped her off at the laundromat.

ne of our acquaintances, from the Grimes senior center in Iowa, is visiting his family in Georgetown, Texas. He called Ella and they set up a time to meet at IHOP. However, it didn’t workout with his ride. We did go ahead without him.

God bless and g’nite.

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