2019 December 02 Monday

2019 December 02 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

t was 40° outside and 58° inside when I rolled out of bed this morning. It climbed to 64°.

ell, December 2nd was a very slow day. Kids are back to school, Thanksgiving break is over. The kids who came to the Santa set today were all four years of age or younger with a sprinkling of newborns inn the mix.

rly, a special-needs gentleman and special friend of Santa’s, came to see me today. He is a real Houston Astros fan. He wants an Astros bobble-head and he also wants Rachael Ray. I told him that I might be able to help with me Astros bobblehead figure. I also told him that Rachael Ray is married. Besides Santa doesn’t work that way.

ver 1,000 children have seen Santa since November 8th. That number is divided between Santa Charlie and me. The photographers have not taken near that many photos.

he photographers were not happy with the brightness of the photos today. Sometime after 2 they finally got it where they liked it, by turning the flash off. Several people returned wanting retakes because they weren’t satisfied with the way the photos.

oward the end of the shift, I had a ten-month-old youngster who was not just happy to be on Santa’s lap he was joyous, squirming and talking (as much as a 10 month old can talk).

also saw Mike, another special-to-me special needs person, again today in his power chair. I went out into the hall to talk to him. He has new leg braces that are camouflage. I also found out that he sings in the choir and sings holiday songs. He said,”May I ask how you get down chimneys?” I showed him my magic keys, that only work on Christmas Eve. One key for north, south, and central America. One key for Eurasia and India. And once key for Africa and Australia. I also said that a very rarely use chimneys now days because they get my suit so dirty, which Mrs. Claus really doesn’t like.

bout four Santa Charlie called to say that he was having car troubles and asked if I would stay a little longer. Of course I did.

lla called in an order for pizza at Domino’s in Liberty Hill.
She had originally set it for 5. When I called to tell her about staying later because of Charlie’s automobiles troubles, I told her since I wasn’t even scheduled to get off until 4:30 there was no way I could have made it to Domino’s in Liberty Hill by 5:00 anyway. She called and reset the time for 6. 6 worked out very well. I picked up the pizza and came home.

ecause it was well after dark when I got home, I did not get a sunset photo tonight.

God bless and g’nite.

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