2019 December 27 Friday

2019 December 27 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

essiry, now that there is some honest-ta-god fog! That ain’t some ya-I-kin-drive-full- speed-through-that fog. (Pardon my accent)

h, it’s way better now that the sun is up. (Said tongue in cheek)

worked on the inside of the topper today. I put down a sort of subfloor with pieces of plywood that I had on hand. I should explain that the truck bed has two heavy steel rails the run crosswise near the center of the bed. They are there to mount a fifth wheel receiver hitch

similar to the one pictured here. I removed the hitch but left the rails in place. So, the plywood was laid between the rails as well as in front of and behind in an effort to create a more level surface. At some future date I will add a second layer of plywood. However, I wanted to get things out of the topper and back in prior to the predicted thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow. Once the wood was in, I rolled out a layer of rubber mat material similar to this

On top of the mat was laid a 5×7 area rug from Wal-Mart.

hen I was done with the project and had put every thing back into the topper, we went grocery shopping. I was going to order it online then pick it up at the store. I really like doing that. It frees my time and keeps me from impulse buys. However, Ella had been mostly stuck at home for the last month while I was off being Santa. So we went into the store with our list. On the way home I commented that I thought we’d bought $100.00 worth of groceries and $50.00 worth of junk food.

God bless and g’nite

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