2020 January 17 Friday

2020 January 17 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas he sky looked the same all day. This photo could have been taken at 8 a.m., noon, or 5 p.m. h yes, fog. Let is not forget the fog. We didn’t go anywhere today so there was no need to drive in the fog. As a matterContinue reading “2020 January 17 Friday”

2020 January 16 Thursday

2020 January 16 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas An RV is a bubble of familiarity in liminal space. e got our forty percent of rain between eight thirty and ten o’clock. I don’t think that we made it anywhere near the predicted high of sixty seven. s a nod to “Throwback Thursday,” there is theContinue reading “2020 January 16 Thursday”

2020 January 15 Wednesday

2020 January 15 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t is obvious to me that sleep and rest are not the same thing. I’ve been sleeping at night and napping during the day. It’s not because I’m sleepy, but because I’m in pain. I do not feel rested. gain with the fog? As I looked outsideContinue reading “2020 January 15 Wednesday”

2020 January 14 Tuesday

2020 January 14 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas OG! More fog. The fog cleared by mid day but remained overcast until late afternoon. The afternoon sun streaming through the windows raised the inside heat to the place that I closed the door and activated the air conditioner. e drove into the urologist in Cedar ParkContinue reading “2020 January 14 Tuesday”

2019 December 27 Friday

2019 December 27 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas essiry, now that there is some honest-ta-god fog! That ain’t some ya-I-kin-drive-full- speed-through-that fog. (Pardon my accent) h, it’s way better now that the sun is up. (Said tongue in cheek) worked on the inside of the topper today. I put down a sort of subfloor withContinue reading “2019 December 27 Friday”