The Beginning Part Four

We purchased the second RV, a 2001 Hitch Hiker.  We intentionally purchased a smaller fifth-wheel (30’) because it would be easier and less expensive to tow to Texas.  Since we would be living in the Hitchhiker (from now on referred to as HH) for only about four months of the year, it would not have toContinue reading “The Beginning Part Four”

The Beginning Part Three

I’m not an expert – just experienced Imagine downsizing from our Big Old (built in 1890) Victorian home to a 35′ RV Cutty’s Resort remains open it winter so it was possible to go ‘full time’ in the RV.  That same year we sold our 1890 Victorian home and became full-timers. Our dream had been to retireContinue reading “The Beginning Part Three”

The Beginning Part Two

If you haven’t read “The Beginning Part One” you should read it first for a fuller understanding. For about three years prior to the cancer incident, we had begun looking at travel trailers, motor-homes, and fifth-wheels.  We had pretty good ideas about what we wanted for when we retired.  It had to be a fullContinue reading “The Beginning Part Two”