2019 November 02 Saturday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 02 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas y the way, I just saw that it is a chilly 78° in Miami Florida. We should pray for their safety in this harsh weather. Grinhis morning I laid in bed for quite some time, reading and writing for my devotions blog. With nothing on myContinue reading “2019 November 02 Saturday”


2019 October 31 Thursday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 October 31 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas nce the sun came up … yes, sunshine! … It began to warm, especially my soul. This is the sun lighting the living room curtain. early every Thursday I post something about being at the Over the Hill Gang. So I did a video walkthrough toContinue reading “2019 October 31 Thursday”

2019 October 30 Wednesday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 October 30 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas nother beautiful day of fog and cold rain. It almost seems like upper Midwest weather t got down to freezing overnight. And it was dang chilly (41°} at 9 AM. The overnights for the next several days are also supposed to be in the lower 30s.Continue reading “2019 October 30 Wednesday”