2020 January 03 Friday

2020 January 03 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas ery colorful sky as the sun begins its long, slow climb into the air. With a predicted high of 56, it appears that all the sunshine isn’t going to be converted to heat in the atmosphere. I still have hopes that, as it streams through our windows,Continue reading “2020 January 03 Friday”

2020 January 02 Thursday

2020 January 02 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas espite some color in the clouds just before dawn, the sky soon turned the same gray as yesterday’s sky. e drove into Liberty Hill, hoping that the Over The Hill Gang* would be meeting for lunch, fellowship, and canasta. However, the building was dark and empty. inceContinue reading “2020 January 02 Thursday”

2020 January 01 Wednesday

2020 January 01 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas + o sunrise this morning. We are completely overcast. And it didn’t change at all throughout the entire day. was awakened several times in the wee hours of the morning when my Cpap machine stopped and then restarted on its own. I was concern that the powerContinue reading “2020 January 01 Wednesday”

2019 December 31 Tuesday

2019 December 31 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas didn’t think it was predicted to go below freezing overnight. SURPRISE!!! I was going to say that this was another go no where do nothing day. But they would be inaccurate. And I have proof. My Very Fit Pro watch shows that I walked over a mileContinue reading “2019 December 31 Tuesday”

2019 December 30 Monday

2019 December 30 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas his was a go nowhere, do nothing day. I took a sunrise photo. But I missed getting a sunset. God bless and g’nite Visit my devotions blog new devotions every day (nearly) My NEW sermons blog Armchair Sermons. Sermons posted Sundays 10 AM central time. http://armchairsermons.wordpress.com TomContinue reading “2019 December 30 Monday”

2019 December 29 Sunday

2019 December 29 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas very pretty sky just before the sunrise. It looks kings of surreal, don’t you think? was pleased to bring the message today at Cross Tracks Church. The title of the sermon was “How Herod the Grinch Tried to Steal Christmas.” I also wrote the children’s sermon inContinue reading “2019 December 29 Sunday”

2019 December 28 Saturday

2019 December 28 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas long with the lack of sunshine we also had a very very brief rain shower. Also very windy (15-25 mph) today. I’m glad I worked on the topper yesterday when the weather was nicer. I’m also glad that we accomplished all the away from home chores, soContinue reading “2019 December 28 Saturday”

2019 December 27 Friday

2019 December 27 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas essiry, now that there is some honest-ta-god fog! That ain’t some ya-I-kin-drive-full- speed-through-that fog. (Pardon my accent) h, it’s way better now that the sun is up. (Said tongue in cheek) worked on the inside of the topper today. I put down a sort of subfloor withContinue reading “2019 December 27 Friday”

2019 December 26 Thursday

2019 December 26 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas espite the weather warning, I don’t see the heavy fog close to home. That, however, doesn’t mean a brilliant sunrise. bout 10:30 we began the drive into Leander and the laundromat. nce The laundry was done, the big question was, “Where are we going to eat?” WeContinue reading “2019 December 26 Thursday”

2019 December 25 Wednesday – Christmas

2019 December 25 Wednesday – Christmas – in Liberty Hill, Texas “What Christmas Means to Me” hris-mus and Christ-mass are two of my favorite holidays. They weren’t always. I grew up on a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, agnostics, and atheists. None of which celebrate the Christ Mass. he atheists and agnostics did, at least, celebrateContinue reading “2019 December 25 Wednesday – Christmas”