2018 June 23 Saturday

2018 June 23 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

62° with sunshine to start of the day.

The birds at our feeders are attacking the feed as though they’ve not eaten in a while. Maybe they’re as happy to see the sun as we are.

We’ve had over 8” of rain this month and over 23” since the first of the year. That is nearly twice what our Texas home had gotten. They need it more there than we do here.

Work at the fee booth was from 8-3:30. I was swamped early on with phone calls, visitors, people moving sites or extending stays. Them it slowed down until early afternoon when new campers started arriving. Cutty’s resort fills the near capacity for the Fourth of July celebrations. There will be parades, contests, games, good, music, and an amazing fireworks display. People arrive two weeks early to get sites around the lake. The fireworks are launched from the lake shore and they are reflected on the water.

I was getting off work just as Ella was arriving to do site checks. Today I didn’t drive her around. She borrowed a golf cart and made her rounds that way.

While she did that, I drove into Des Moines and got the worship bulletins for tomorrow.

She was just finishing up when I returned. We had about an hour before going up to Main Street for a hamburger cookout and dessert potluck. Ella made bread pudding and someone brought some small store bought cupcakes. It wasn’t much of a dessert potluck.

With an estimated four hundred people here this Saturday, only a dozen or so came to the cookout.

And so another day comes to an end.

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2018 June 22 Friday

2018 June 22 Friday in Grimes Iowa

A Cool 60° and very overcast at the start and topped out at 72°. It was 70 at 5 p.m.

Sunrise never happened today.

I worked at the fee booth from 8 to 3:30 and then drive Ella around so she could do the site checks.

We had only gotten part way around the park when Jim called from the fee booth to say we head a visitor. It was Ella’s Foster daughter, Cindy.

After the site checks the three of us drove into the Dairy Queen in Johnston supper.

Friday evening is Card Jackpot night at Cutty’s. Ella has the keys to the cabinet where the cards are stored. She got a call about 7 wondering where she was … people were ready to play! We had forgotten about it.

The other thing we forgot was that we were supposed to go to the church and get the bulletins for Sunday worship.

The sun found a break in the clouds before it same out of view.

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2018 June 20 Wednesday

2018 June 20 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

More rain fell overnight but had stopped by the time I got out of bed.

The sun had to climb over the storm clouds to the east of us. 71° at daybreak and 82° between rains. Back to 71° just before sunset at 9.

It was overcast when we went to the cafe for coffee.

It remained overcast through the noon hour.

Shortly after leaving the senior center, it began to sprinkle. We made a quick stop to check for mail and then headed toward Village Inn for Pie Rush Wednesday.

The usual suspects were there. I think we need a name for this group something like the Over Aged, Over Weight, Over the Hill Gang. Maybe just the 3O gang not to be confused with the 30 gang.

While we were in Village Inn, it cut loose and rained so hard that I’m surprised it didn’t dent the car roofs. We waited for it tho stop before leaving.

The rain gauge showed an inch and a half when we returned home. That was from last night and today. It rained again later in the afternoon but I haven’t checked it again.

My ex called this evening and told us about taking one of our grandsons to a safari ranch where he was bitten by a camel. Not really hurt but certainly scared. I’ll be funny later. After all, how many people can say they were bitten by a camel?

May God grant you rest in mind, body, and spirit. G’nite.

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2018 June 19 Tuesday

2018 June 19 Tuesday in Grimes Iowa

73° and inbetween rains at the start of the day. There was ¾”earlier (see photo below) but I failed to check it later.

By daybreak we had ¾” of rain with more on the way.

Not a very pleasant day but it made fire some impressive clouds.

We did the usual morning coffee at the cafe followed by games and lunch at the senior center. We them came home and rested. Ella napped. I worked on the bulletin and emailed it to the office. I then worked further in the sermon.

3:00 came and it was time for Ella to do site checks. Once again I drove her around. It takes a lot less time if I cannot the site numbers and she marks them occupied in the check list. Once again all those due out were out. And the trailer from yesterday was moved to storage as it should have been.

After the site checks we went to the cafe for ice cream. And then home for supper. We are our leftovers from the Shanghai restaurant.

I finished the sermon (unless I continue to tweak it) in time to grasp a sundown photo.

The LORD bless you and keep you. G’nite!

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2018 June 18 Monday

2018 June 18 Monday in Grimes Iowa

78° to start the day 86 that feels like 96 at noon

There’s supposed to be some rain and cooler weather coming.

We had a full table at the cafe this morning.

Brian, Cutty’s manager, and Bev, the cafe manager, down on their knees. They are either trying to repair something or praying for the upcoming Fourth of July influx of campers.

Another good crowd at the senior center today.

At three o’clock I drove Ella around the campground so that she could do site checks. Everyone that was due out, was out. And we found one that needed to be moved to storage but had not yet been moved. So a note was left to notify maintenance to move it tomorrow. Here it’s a tracking of our route.

Once we were done with site checks, we went to the laundry in the clubhouse lower level.

While waiting for the clothes to wash and dry, we played a couple rounds of Rummikub. Them Ella read her email and posted while I worked on the sermon and bulletin for next Sunday.

It was just beginning to rain as we arrived home.

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2018 June 17 Sunday

2018 June 17 Sunday in Grimes Iowa Happy Father’s Day

76° to start the day and 94° at noon. With the heat index at 99° at 6 p.m.

We had a community breakfast at the club house this morning. It was all-you-care-to-eat scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and sausage patties or ham slices.

We had twelve for worship today.

I had heard that there was a steakhouse nearby that God Texas style barbecue brisket. I decided to treat myself for Father’s Day. When we arrived, we found that it is closed on Sunday.

Nearby was the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant. We went there instead. For Father’s day they were giving each man a back scratcher.

Ella had something with scallops, shrimp, and crab. I had kung boa beef. Both were very good. Lunch came to about forty dollars. We brought home enough for another meal each.

We had just ordered our meals when I got a text from John asking if I wanted to go to the firing range for Father’s day.

The firing range is only five miles from the restaurant. Even with eating leisurely, we still arrived at the range ahead of them.

Ella and I got registered, I.D.ed, watched a training video, and signed papers to the effect that we weren’t crazy drug using criminals. And a waiver that declared if we got shot, it wasn’t the ranges fault. And if we shot someone, it was not the ranges fault.

I have not fired a weapon in over forty years. My first clip looked pretty good.

And so did the second clip particularly because the rifles had to be fired right handed.

I wasn’t as good with the pistols, even though I could fire them left handed. I’m left eye dominant. However, my shakey hands and short barreled weapons aren’t a good match anymore. In my twenties and with a military forty five, I was dead on. Them thar days is past.

I had fun. And thought for a moment that we were going to talk Ella into taking a couple shots. But no go.

I received calls or texts from the rest of my kids later in the day.

As I was getting ready for bed I found this .45 casing in my pocket. I knew that they were bouncing around but I never expected to find it in my pocket.

A hot sunset to end a hot day.

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2018 June 14 Thursday

2018 June 14 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

59° with rain and winds. Rain stopped about 7:30 a.m. But then returned around 10 with a vengeance. The whole storm of rain, wind, lightning and a little hail was over again by noon.

Then the temps jumped to a muggy 80° and stayed there until about sunset. With 76° at 9 p.m.

The folks at the cafe were busily getting things ready for tonight’s family meal with meatloaf. I ordered one which Ella and I split (the portions are generous)

The usual crew were at the cafe for coffee this morning.

Ella and I left the cafe about 9:45 and headed into Grimes and the senior center. We didn’t quite make it before the rain hit.

Ella quickly called Sue and told her the rain was headed her direction. She head ridden her wheelchair/scooter to the cafe and it was about a half mile drive at 6 mph back to her RV. She didn’t make it without getting drenched.

Upon leaving the center we stopped at Walmart for a few items. Two of the things on the list I couldn’t find. There were only two checkout lanes open. They REALLY want people to use the self checkout machines. But I waited patiently behind a man with two shopping carts piled high.

We arrived home just in time for Ella to change into her “Cutty’s Staff” t-shirt. She is n going to be doing site checks in the campground while the regular person it’s on vacation.

Site checks includes driving completely through the 80+ acre park and marking on a map which campsites are in use. It also means issuing citations for: failure to be out by 3 p.m. on their out day, not being on site at least six hours a day, improper parking, unattended fires it pets, and any other information of the membership rules.

When she returned home we had a short time before going to the cafe for our meatloaf, augratin potatoes, green beans, and dinner took roll.

After supper we drove into Des Moines to retrieve this coming Sunday’s worship bulletins from the church.

On the way home we stopped at Walgreens to see if we could find the two items not found at Walmart. I found one of them.

In the same shopping are was an Ace hardware where I purchased the remainder item. Ella, in the meantime, went into Dollar Tree and purchased some cheap prizes for our weekly being at the senior center.

The sunset in a cloudless sky.

A heat advisory just popped up on phone for Friday and Saturday. I work those two days and Ella will be out in it also. Pray for us and all those who work outside

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