2018 April 26 Friday

2018 April 26 Friday in Liberty Hill Texas

49° with clear skies (which doesn’t make for Good sunrise photos). Mean while in Grimes Iowa it is 43°. Nice start to the morning.

Our last Over the Hill Gang until next fall. There were 51 in attendance. We had some very good lasagna.

We stayed after lunch and played two games of canasta.

Around three we arrived at home. Ella did some more sorting and packing while I worked outside. I removed the extra jacks that I use to help stableize the trailer. I also packed away some outdoor furniture.

Grandson Beket had a baseball game at six thirty. Here are a couple of videos of him at bat and stealing bases.

Heather and Austin came to the game and the see us.

I missed a really good sunset because I had it on video instead of camera. By the time I realized what I’d done, the sun was a little too low.

Heather and Austin and Ella and I went to a Mexican restaurant after the game which gave us a little time to talk. Before leaving there, Heather told us that they were going to get married.

MUSINGApril 26 2018


Isaiah 40:28-31
Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? The eternal God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, doesn’t grow tired or become weary. His understanding is beyond reach. He gives strength to those who grow tired and increases the strength of those who are weak. Even young people grow tired and become weary, and young men will stumble and fall. Yet, the strength of those who wait with hope in the LORD will be renewed. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and won’t become weary. They will walk and won’t grow tired.”

My legs and feet hurt. It is early in the morning and I’m still lying on my bed. My feet haven’t even touched the floor yet.

There is a saying, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.”* At seventy one I can say I agree with that. And yet, for all that’s wrong with me I’m in pretty good shape.

I have marginal hearing, yet my Lord speaks to me. Can’t see to read without my glasses, yet the word of God is within me. Have trouble remembering, yet I know whom I have believed in. I have trouble standing, yet I’ll stands on the word of God. I am weak, yet in my weakness I am able to do all things in Christ who strengthens me.**. My body is slowly failing but my spirit is soaring.

Come fly with me.

*Bette Davis

**Philippians 4:13

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2018 April 25 Wednesday


2018 April 25 Wednesday in Liberty Hill Texas

56° to start the day. Reached 81° then rained and dropped into the mid fifties.

This is the replacement for a sunrise photo. My alarm went off at four this morning – which explains why it didn’t go off at four yesterday afternoon. I shut the alarm off and went back to sleep. Didn’t get up until after six. All in all I wasn’t around in time for a shot at the sun.

There were fifteen at Grandies today. Tresa served us baked chicken, pork roast, dressing, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and a strawberry shortcake. It made a nice going away aparty for us.

We made a stop at Walmart for Ella’s meds and incidentals.

Then a stop for gas and truck wash.

We arrived home about ten thirty. That gave us time to nap before choir practice.

Before choir practice we had supper with some of the choir members at Dahlia’s.

It was raining slightly as we arrived in the church parking lot.

I thought there would be no sunset because of the rain and overcast sky. I was wrong. I happened to look outside at the right time and got this photo.

MUSINGApril 25 2018


Psalms 3
“O LORD, look how my enemies have increased! Many are attacking me. Many are saying about me, “Even with God on his side, he won’t be victorious.” Selah But you, O LORD, are a shield that surrounds me. You are my glory. You hold my head high.

I call aloud to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. Selah I lie down and sleep. I wake up again because the LORD continues to support me. I am not afraid of the tens of thousands who have taken positions against me on all sides. Arise, O LORD! Save me, O my God! You have slapped all my enemies in the face. You have smashed the teeth of wicked people. Victory belongs to the LORD! May your blessing rest on your people. Selah “

You know Chuck Norris the martial artist, movie and TV star as though guy who can take down any bad guy. Have heard Chuck Norris jokes?

  • Chuck Norris’ facial hair is known to cut diamonds.*

  • When an episode of Walker Texas Ranger was aired in France, the French surrendered to Chuck Norris just to be on the safe side.*

  • Chuck Norris doesn’t bowl strikes, he just knocks down one pin and the other nine faint*

  • And my favourite: Before the boogeyman goes to sleep, here checks under the bed for Chuck Norris.*

Now you’re asking yourself, “Why are you telling us Chuck Norris jokes?”

Because when I read, “O my God! You have slapped all my enemies in the face. You have smashed the teeth of wicked people.” it made me think of an action adventure movie where the victim is surrounded by tens of thousands on every side. But that doesn’t stop our hero who fights his way through these legions and then stands guard over the victim so that he can sleep peacefully. And no one cares to attack.

David may have taken some poetic license in this Psalm but he new fullwell what it was like to be a hunted man. King Saul personally tried to kill David. When that failed he sent his army after David.**. But David trusted God to be his shield and was able to rest in His assurances.

We have a mighty God who is greater than all of our troubles.

*Authors unknown

**1 Samuel 19

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2018 April 24 Thursday

2018 April 24 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

54° going towards 84. I checked the weather in Iowa and it is also 54° but going for a high of 71.

What a bright start to the day. Not a cloud in the sky.

Here are some of the wild flowers in my yard.

It was just Ella and I at ten o’clock at the Georgetown senior center this morning. But by the time bingo started at 10:45 we had ten folks here.

After bingo half of them left again because the lunch menu was salad, grapes and pudding. A lot of them either can’t eat it or don’t like salad. Ella had problems with colitis so she came prepared with a peanut butter sandwich.

The next stop was the doctor so that Ella could get her shoulder checked out and get meds updated.
MUSINGApril 24 2018


Psalms 1:1-3
Blessed is the person who does not follow the advice of wicked people, take the path of sinners, or join the company of mockers. Rather, he delights in the teachings of the LORD and reflects on his teachings day and night. He is like a tree planted beside streams– a tree that produces fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither. He succeeds in everything he does.

“A man is known by the company he keeps.”* Birds of a feather flock together.”**

There are so many ways to describe a personality using a bird analogy. Are you a hawk or a dove? Or are you a chicken or am eagle? Maybe you’re a turkey. Do you strut and crow like a rooster? Are you proud as a peacock, or as gracefully as a swan?

Be careful of the friend you choose and the leaders that you follow. There are true friends and honest leaders. However there are also many who aren’t. Examine yourself and your friends in the light of God’s word.

What fruit do they bear? What fruit do you bear?

*Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE.

**In 1545, William Turner wrote “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”

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2018 April 23 Monday

2018 April 23 Monday in Liberty Hill Texas

50° with calm clear skies going for a high of 84. Altogether a beautiful day. This is the day that the LORD has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.

The blue bonnets have faded away in the Texas hill country but multitudes of other wild flowers have taken their place along the roadsides and pastures. In Iowa the dandelions are starting to bloom. For some reason they aren’t as welcome as other wildflowers.

I like sunrise and sunset photos, as you may have noticed if you’ve followed my blog for a while. I try to start and end the day with skyscapes. Unlike most photography, taking pictures of the sky is a matter of timing. And this is never more true than sunrise and sunset.

I’m an early riser. Usually I awaken around five – no alarm – that’s just when my mind snaps on. Generally I have two to three hours before Ella is awake. I use this time to read, study, and write. And while I’m doing this I keep an eye on the sky. I’m looking for the false dawn*

This is when you get the first glimpse of cloud formations and possibly some color. I may take a series of shots over the next hour. Of those I choose my favorite and move it to an editing app.

Because my smartphone is my camera, I needed to un-correct somethings that it does automatically. The phone “corrects” for the low light level of the original so I need to darken the photograph back to what my human eye perceived. I may also adjust the contrast to better define the edges. And then most important if all. I crop the photo to focus on the most dramatic part of the image.

At sunset I again wait, watch, and take a series of shots. And once again undo the auto corrected images.

I have a separate blog with some of my images. http://tomandellasphotography.blogspot.com/

When we arrived at the Georgetown senior center this morning we were greeted by tables full of baked goods (as usual for Monday’s).

We picked up a couple of items to share with friends at an Emmaus meeting in Marble Falls this evening.

We played games, as usual. But did something unusual for us, we watched television. It is always on at the center but we seldom give it any attention. Today we watched Daniel Boone and Bonanza.

In the evening we drove to Marble Falls United Methodist Church.

The Emmaus fourth day gathering began with a potluck. We all ate our fill and there were twelve baskets left over … Well no not quite, but there was more than enough.

We then gathered in the sanctuary for a time of praise and worship.

Then it was time for that drive home.

Sunset arrived as we were leaving worship.

*False dawn is light that precedes the rising of the sun by about an hour. It is caused by light, bent by the Earth’s gravity, striking extra terrestrial dust and or reflective particles in the atmosphere.

MUSINGApril 23 2018


1 Corinthians 8:8-9, 11-12
Food will not affect our relationship with God. We are no worse off if we eat that food and no better off if we don’t. But be careful that by using your freedom you don’t somehow make a believer who is weak in faith fall into sin.

In that case, your knowledge is ruining a believer whose faith is weak, a believer for whom Christ died. When you sin against other believers in this way and harm their weak consciences, you are sinning against Christ.”

Though this warning from Paul was about eating food considered by some to be forbidden, it made me think of this children’s song:

“O be careful little hands what you do
O be careful little hands what you do
There’s a Father up above
And He’s looking down in love
So, be careful little hands what you do”*

There are verses that cover just about any activity.

It is important to be careful how we live our lives. First of all so that we don’t wander from the path that God has laid out for us, but also do that we don’t cause others to fall from the path.

The moment that we accept Jesus as your saviour he also becomes our Lord. Which means our life is no longer our own, we belong to him. Our goal is to become like him. And others are watching. As we become imitators of Christ so will others become imitators of us. So be careful little Christian what you do.

*Author Unknown.

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2018 April 21 Saturday

2018 April 21 Saturday in Liberty Hill Texas

54° and fog. Less than a quarter mile in some places although probably more like three quarters of a mile at homes.

And home is where we spent the day. We continue to work toward packing what we are taking back to Iowa with us. As well as doing some deep cleaning and straightening in prep for storing our RV. I have cut ½” pink insulation to fit all of our windows in hopes of avoiding heat and solar damage while it sits during a Texas summer. I’ve already covered the larger windows.

This includes the bedroom. Ella said she felt as though she were sleeping in a cave. I’m not sure if she meant that as a good thing it a not good thing. So I know is she slept until around nine.

Around eleven this morning it began to rain. It wasn’t a heavy rain but it sure was cold when I stepped out to unlatch the door so that I could close it.

Long about five the sun broke through the fog for the first time today.

MUSINGApril 21 2018


Proverbs 3:21-26
My son, do not lose sight of these things. Use priceless wisdom and foresight. Then they will mean life for you, and they will grace your neck. Then you will go safely on your way, and you will not hurt your foot. When you lie down, you will not be afraid. As you lie there, your sleep will be sweet. Do not be afraid of sudden terror or of the destruction of wicked people when it comes. The LORD will be your confidence. He will keep your foot from getting caught.”

Seek knowledge but moreover seek wisdom. Knowledge may be power but wisdom is the proper application of that power.

Knowledge is neither good nor evil. Wisdom, however, forces a moral judgement upon the use of knowledge.

There are countless examples of educated fools because, “a little learning is a dangerous thing.”

So I encourage you to learn all you are able. Then pray for wisdom. For wisdom is a gift from God.***
So I encourage you to learn all you are able. Then pray for wisdom. For wisdom is a gift from God.***

*Bacon’s Meditationes Sacrae (1597)

**An Essay on Criticism, by Alexander Pope 1709

***Proverbs 2:6

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2018 April 20 Friday

2018 April 20 Friday in Liberty Hill Texas


Our Grandies* group went to Marble Falls to cash in our aluminum cans $23+.

Then it was to the Blue Bonnet Cafe for lunch and pie.

There is always a waiting line to eat here. And we had a group of eleven for lunch.

They did a good job of seating us all at a large round table

We returned home and did some work toward getting the RV ready for storage.

And this sunset to close out the day.

*Grandies is a ministry for senior citizens who have, since it’s beginning, has mailed more than 3,300 greeting cards to our military, healthcare needs, sympathy, birthday, anniversary, and others.

They also work with the schools and other organizations to provide personal items, snacks and meals to children in need.

MUSINGApril 20 2018


Psalms 23
The LORD is my shepherd. I am never in need. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside peaceful waters. He renews my soul. He guides me along the paths of righteousness for the sake of his name. Even though I walk through the dark valley of death, because you are with me, I fear no harm. Your rod and your staff give me courage. You prepare a banquet for me while my enemies watch. You anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows. Certainly, goodness and mercy will stay close to me all the days of my life, and I will remain in the LORD’s house for days without end.”

This Psalm can arguably be called the most familiar chapter of the Bible. I have used a more modern version (GOD’S WORD) here rather than the King James that is more familiar. I find that different versions may give me new insights into familiar passages.

I’m concentrating on the following section of the Psalm. Even though I walk through the dark valley of death, because you are with me, I fear no harm. Your rod and your staff give me courage.”

The first thing that pops out at me here is that the Shepherd doesn’t lead his sheep around or away from this valley. But goes with them through the valley of death. Did you hear that? Through and with. He has no fear and because the Shepherd is with them there is no fear in them. They trust in him to keep them safe even in this dark place.

The Shepherd’s tools reassure the sheep that everything will be alright. The rod is a weapon to be used in defense or offence as needed. So the sheep are comforted knowing that the Shepherd has the strength, ability, and tool to protect them from those that would do them harm.

The staff was a long stick with a curved end that could be used as a weapon if needed, but its primary purpose is to protect the sheep from themselves. The staff corrects the path of wayward sheep by gentle nudges or perhaps not so gentle for those more prone to wander. The crooked end is perfect for lifting those who have fallen or become stuck.

There rod to protect from outside threats and the staff to protect them from themselves.

Truly ,I fear no harm, for he is with me.

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2018 April 19 Thursday

2018 April 19 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

49° at five this morning. Predicted high was 71°.

As I was sitting, waiting for Ella to be ready to go to the Over the Hill Gang* this morning, the trashmen came to empty the trash container here at the Stocktank RV park.

I didn’t see them but I heard all of the sound associated with this procedure. First I hear the CRUNCH of tires on gravel as they enter the campground. Then there is the KA-CHSSS sounds of the air brakes. Next a dull metallic KACHUNK as the truck connects with the bin. The engine begins to rev and there is the SQUEALIN, toured CRY of metal slowly rubbing on metal as the maw of the truck’s compactor slides open and then a solid THUNK as it stops. Again the engine revs while the bin is lifted high above the gaping mouth of the compactor. The doors make dull plastic sounds as they pop open. Then garbage like an obscene waterfall begins to tumble down. Cans and bottles KLINK and KLUNK. The trash bags come with soft CRINKLE and soggy SPLATS. The operator jams the lever up and down in rapid order causing the bin to BOUNCE and BANG to completely empty its trash. Downward comes the container with the lids falling into place with a RINGING, SLAMMING concussion.
Finally the bin makes an almost soft THOOMP as it settles back on the ground. The hydraulic ram beings to mash, the contents with PINGS, POPS, SNAPS, and explosive BANGS. Once more the truck revs and the tires CRUNCH gravel as it leaves.

I’m so glad I’m already awake when the garbage truck comes.

Then it was of to play and eat with friends at the OTHG*.

After lunch we played Canasta with Debra.

Leaving OTHG we checked our mail box to find… nothing.

Then it was a stop at the doctor’s to set an appointment for Ella.

Busy day so far. But there is still a baseball game to go.

MUSINGApril 19 2018


1 John 3:21-23
Dear friends, if our conscience doesn’t condemn us, we can boldly look to God and receive from him anything we ask. We receive it because we obey his commandments and do what pleases him. This is his commandment: to believe in his Son, the one named Jesus Christ, and to love each other as he commanded us.”

How much is your immortal soul worth to you? Don’t let it become malnourished. Feed it every day. Read the Bible. Listen, I’ll say it again. Read the Bible. Read it all. Read some every day. Find a reading plan to read it through in a year or two or … Pay special attention to the red letters in the new testament, the words of Jesus. We are commanded by God to listen to Jesus*. In case you haven’t gotten the message yet, he speaks to us through the Bible.

Pay special attention to the red letters in the new testament, the words of Jesus. We are commanded by God to listen to Jesus*. In case you haven’t gotten the message yet, he speaks to us through the Bible.

Don’t trust any teacher, preacher, evangelist, prophet, author, or me with your eternal life without fact checking them against what the scripture says.**

Know the truth and be free.***

*Matthew 17:5

**Matthew 24:5-11

***John 8:31-32

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