2018 May 31 Thursday

2018 May 31 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

Cooler again with 69° you get the day going. I last in bed until six this morning so missed any possible his sunrise photos. It reached a high of 91° with 81° at 9 p.m.

When we arrived at Cutty’s Cafe for coffee this morning, Sandy and Frances were there, later Keith, Stoney and Sue also arrived.

We stayed there until around 9:30 and then started toward the Grimes Senior Center. I ran poor Rudolf the red nose pickup through a car wash to get off the dust and bird droppings. Then a stop at the post office to mail a handful of birthday cards.

Elwood had already set up the Fast Track game and shuffled ask for decks of cards. He was ready. We had just begun to play when Joyce arrived and joined us.

Just before lunch Stoney and Sue arrived. Now that they are staying out at Cutty’s for the summer they are once again coming to the senior center.

Immediately after lunch we went to Walmart for a few things. I know it was only a few things because we only spent $95. Anytime we escape with spending less than a hundred probably means we forgot something. We did: a pair of charger cords for our phones.

Shortly after arriving home I received an email notifying that this week’s worship bulletins we printed Anna waiting at the church office.

Our Iowa home church, Union Park UMC prints the bulletins for our Cutty’s Worship services, I try to have them all formatted and emailed to the office Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually don’t have the sermon ready that early but I at least have a sermon title. I also have the scriptures, hymns, responsive readings, and sending forth/benediction as well as the order of service.

Once home again I did a few handyman things and then took a nap.

After supper the two of us played games until bedtime

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2018 June 06 Wednesday

2018 June 06 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

70° this morning and reached 90 before the storm weren’t through and was 60 at 11p.m.

We had a full house for coffee this morning at the cafe.

And the Grimes Senior Center had a bunch for lunch also..

Around six a wild thunderstorm came through. By eight it was almost over.

Or so we thought.

It came through in segments. The first being there longest and hardest.

We made it to Village Inn twice today. Once at 2:30 with Sandy and Francis, sure and Stoney, Luella and Lila, and my niece Kara and one of her clients, Vivian, who happens to be Stoney’s cousin. Then around eight Lyn called. She was at Menards and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Village Inn for pie. The storm has let up so we said “sure”. We got home about eleven which is way late for us.

Keep your powder dry.

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2018 June 04 Monday

2018 June 04 Monday in Grimes Iowa

56° this morning and 78° by noon under mostly clear skies.

They were prepping the outdoor pools this morning, as we were going for coffee. It made me smile.

You can tell that you are at a resort when the sign at the cafe not only reads “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” but also read, “Swimwear must be covered.”

Sandy and Frances were just polishing off their biscuits and gravy breakfast. Keith arrived shortly after we did then Sue on her scooter and Stoney on his golf cart.

We visited for a while and then said that we were going to the senior center.

Our first stop was to fill the truck’s gas tank. While I was doing that granddaughter Audrie called. She had gone to work (riding with a co-worker) only to be reminded that she had requested the day off. It is her anniversary.

We took her home and earned some hugs and kisses.

It was late enough that we weren’t going to make it back to the Grimes Senior Center for lunch. We went to Bonanza instead. I had the buffet and Ella had the steak and buffet.

From there we went to Walmart to exchange a package of ant traps that I bought a couple days ago. When I got home the other day, Ella asked if I had already used one. The package said that there were four but contained only one.

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2018 June 03 Sunday

2018 June 03 Sunday in Grimes Iowa

61 chilly degrees this morning. 17 mph wind with gusts to 25. I actually had to kick the furnace on for a little bit before we took our showers.

I mixed some shredded chicken and salsa in with the scrambled eggs this morning. Then added cheese and wrapped it in an extra large flour tortilla shell. It made a nice protein packed breakfast without a lot of carbohydrates. And tasted good too.

It is Sunday so I preached this mornings at our campground. And then worked the fee booth from 2-9.

Through some freak if scheduling, I will then have seven whole days without working for pay. It’s really nice to have the time off … but not so nice for the bank account.

Ella made stuffed peppers for our lunch today.

There is a recent visitor to our bird feeder. It has a single white stripe on each wing. I believe it is a redwing blackbird without the red wing.

I’m too tired to think of anything else to say. So to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

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2018 June 02 Saturday

2018 June 02 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

63° and torrential rain this morning. After dropping ¾” of rain,

it moved on to the west.

This morning I was lazy and lay in bed until nearly 7:00 today. Then I decided to clean and move things around on the kitchen counter. Then I sat and worked on my morning MUSINGS.

The result was, I didn’t have breakfast started by 8:00. When I realized that it was after eight, I woke Ella and asked if we were going to the Cutty’s Cafe for coffee this morning.

About 8:30 arrived for coffee. Sandy and Francis, and Don we already there. I ordered a medium breakfast pizza for Ella and I to share. Sue came wheeling in in her electric scooter. Stoney wasn’t with her.

As we were leaving we meet Stoney on his golf cart as he headed to the cafe. We stopped him and sang Happy Birthday to him.

I left Ella at the RV and took Rudolf the rednosed pickup to Jiffy Lube™ for an oil change. It was past time, but it had to wait for the checking account to refill. Funny how fast money drains out of that account. To little money. To long month.

After the oil change I stopped at Walmart to purchase some pest spray. Ella has seem ants around her side of the bed. I suspect it has to do with the Werthers, Rice Krispy bars, and Chocolate Drops that she carries to bed with her. (Don’t tell I said that.)

I had just got back in the truck at Walmart when Ella called to say she need for the chicken she was fixing. And also some sandwich bags. So back into the store I go. While I was there, I also bought some canned meats.

After taking the food stuffs home, I wrestled the fifth wheel receiver hitch out of the bed of the truck. I have a work order in for the campground maintenance folks to examine and repair.

As it dropped to the ground from the truck, it turned upside down. I could clearly see that it is short one spring on the jaws. That probably explains why it opened up and my fifth wheel trailer fell on the bed of my truck.

I hope I can get that taken care of before I go back to Texas.

Sunset and another hour and a half of work at the fee booth. 3-10 today.

And the day it’s done.

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2018 June 01 Friday

2018 June 01 Friday in Grimes Iowa

68° at the start of day. 95° by noon. And 86° at 9 p.m.

In the early morning it was nice to sit outside in the cool and quiet of the day to do my Bible reading and reflect on what that means to me.

I like to examine the who, what, when, where, and why of the scripture. I often try to imagine myself in the various roles of the characters.

Today’s reading came from the first six verses of the 140th psalm, which has David crying out to the LORD for relief from his tormentors. In today’s language, he was being bullied. (Follow the link below to read my MUSING)

I remember being bullied by a much older and stronger brother. I also remember my reaction as not being cowed but defiant. It was easy to see myself as David.

I was much less at ease when I imagined myself as his tormentor. I’ve always been larger and many times stronger and I’m certainly self-willed.
Have I truly been a bully? I’ve never seen myself as a bully but have others? I don’t really want that question answered for I fear it may be true.

Our coffee clutch at the Cutty’s Cafe. I captured Sandy, Francis, Sue, Stoney, and Ella. Keith and Jean had been here but I didn’t think to get a photo then.

I worked the overlapping middle shift today from 11-7. Ella went to the senior center for lunch. Came home and rested. Then did some housework. At quarter to seven she came to get me at the fee booth.

We played Cards Jackpot at Cutty’s Adult Center until around 8:15. We both won two jackpots.

I got this photo of the setting sun as we arrived back at our RV.

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2018 May 30 Wednesday

2018 May 30 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

Cooler start at 64° with a high of only 85° but still hanging on at 83° at ten thirty tonight.

Ella had a dentist appointment at nine this morning.

When she finished we decided to try the new Grimes cafe again (read yesterday’s post). Once again it was locked up and lights out. Not an auspicious start for this business.

We drove through McDonald’s. Ella had an egg McMuffin and I had the Big Breakfast for a dollar more and Ella are my hash browns.

We played rummikub before lunch and then went home first a nap before I went to work at 2:00.

Ella dropped me of at the fee booth and then she went for our at Village Inn. On the way back into the resort, she stopped to hand a sour cream raisin pie.

At seven o’clock she went to the Adult Center to play Mexican Train dominoes.

I am plumb tuckered out tonight. I think my … ah … thinking thing … ah brain quit an hour ago.

I finished my day at the fee booth a little after nine. Ella was still playing so I walked the quarter mile or less home.

Have a blessed night of rest.

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2018 May 30 Tuesday

2018 May 30 Tuesday in Grimes Iowa

70° by noon it reached 90° (feels like 95).

Can you feel the heat in the sunrise photos?

A little after 8 we went to the Cutty’s cafe to visit with friends and drink ice tea i also called my nephew, Keith who lives in Kentucky. We talked for about half an hour

Them it 2 off to the senior center for games and lunch

At 3 p.m. a severe thunderstorm alert came across.

M u c h later we got a little rain. Near time for subset the only sky that wasn’t a flat blue gray except the north.

A little before seven Ella received a text from a friend saying that they were home. So we drove over to their place. And no one was there.

Ella called and found that they were at a restaurant. She had written the text hours earlier and forgot to send it.

Since we were out i drive up to the cafe. We arrived about five after seven and found a note on the door saying that they were closing at eight. That’s an hour before the posted time. When we got inside, they were already closing.

There is a new cafe nearby so we went there. They were closed. Went across the street to the BP gas station which has a burrito restaurant. They had stopped at five. Really?

Subway was open, yay!

We got home and played a game of rummikub before our friends called to say that they really were home. We stayed a short time because she has been at the doctors for about five hours.

Here’s what the moon looked like as we drove home.

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2018 May 28 Monday

2018 May 28 Monday in Grimes Iowa Memorial Day

76° to start the day. A freak storm in the middle and still 80° at 10:00 p.m.

It is Memorial Day 2018. A day of remembrance. A day of loss. If you do a Google search you will find that over twenty-five places claim the title of the first celebration of Memorial Day in the U.S. However, the concept of remembering the dead, of honoring the dead, of visiting the dead, and in caring for the burial places of the dead is as old as humanity.

According to archeological digs, even in the Paleolithic (old stone age) our species practiced burial customs.

Once it was thought that this was something that made us unique. However, it has been discovered that chimpanzees, elephants and even magpies also bury their dead.

Perhaps we are not as different from the rest of God’s creation as we think. We may not even be the only creatures on earth that recognize the passage of time, that can remember the past and make predictions of the future.

We mourn our dead. We recount with others the stories we remember of our lost loved ones. We comfort one another. In this way we can come to terms with the loss. The grief never leaves us but softens over time.

We alone of God’s creatures (as far as we know) are the only ones who have a hope of another life. A glorified life after death.

It’s a work day for me 8-2:30. While Ella goes to a great niece’s high school graduation party.

Work we crazy again somewhere around one hundred people wanting to checkout, or extend their stay, it move. And then … wait for it … and then the computer system for the campground quit. Just a half hour until the end of my shift and it stopped, showed an error message and would move no further.

Gail came on just prior to the crash. I had printed my closing report so was able to balance my drawer up to the point of the failure.

As I was leaving the club manager was there working on it and calling the software company.

When I returned home, Ella was napping. I dropped the recliner back and took a nap also.

Sometime after four, I woke up to the sound of a mighty wind. It came howling and shaking the trailer like it was mad at us.

The wind was coming from an odd direction … from the east. I checked the weather radar and found a good sized storm to the east of us. About then a weather alert came to our phones, thunderstorm alert with wind of 31 mph.

Ella suggested that it would be a good time to go to the basement of the clubhouse and do laundry. I agreed

We never got a drop of rain and the wind quickly died away.

Goodnight and Good bless.

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2018 May 27 Sunday

2018 May 27 Sunday in Grimes Iowa

72° to start the day with 90° at noon under mostly cloudless sky. I didn’t get a photo of the white hot sun at the edge of the world this morning. It would not have been pretty. It reached 99° locally and is simply 87° at ten p.m.

Today was the first worship service for the season. Patty Smith, Ella and I plus the Lord were all in attendance.

At the end to the season last year the club board decided to do away with all signage for events, including our worship service. I have a feeling that it will impact our attendance the most of all the events. Time will tell.

When we were going to bed last night I closed the Venetian blinds and it seemed that the one over our dining area didn’t close properly. This morning after worship I discovered why. The cord on one side had broken. To many years in the hot sun, I guess.

After lunch I removed it and went to Home Depot for a replacement.

While on the way to Home Depot Ella received a call inviting us to son John’s for a cookout.

We made our purchase of the blind. And went to the nearby Target for a dessert and soft drinks to take to the cookout.

And then it was off to John’s. It was a nice family gathering.

John has several acres on the edge of town which was a great place to gather. It was hot but manageable in the shade

I took this sunset photo as we were driving through Des Moines.

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