2020 February 08 Saturday

2020 February 08 Saturday in Liberty Hill, TexasFor a more complete story, go to, http://TomAndEllaJournal.WordPress.comot as much sleep as I had hoped for, but it gave me a chance to view the moon.There was no worry of our water supply freezing again last night. And with the sky so clear It should warm nicely today..fewContinue reading “2020 February 08 Saturday”


2020 February 05 Wednesday

2020 February 05 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas Read the full post at http://TomAndEllaJournal.WordPress.com Thirty three degrees with very wintery clouds in the sky. Our Grandies** meeting was cancelled in fear of the predicted storm. f you think this shot of the sunrise is dismal, wait until you see the sunset photograph. warned you atContinue reading “2020 February 05 Wednesday”

2020 February 03 Monday

2020 February 03 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas FOR FULLER COVERAGE OUR OUR DAY GO TO http://WWW.TOMELLAANDJOURNAL.WORDPRESS.COM am puzzled. The moon is in the first quarter. With my eyes I see a partial moon, but in this photos it appears perfectly round. s I capture the morning sun, the camera darkens everything else. Pretty amazingContinue reading “2020 February 03 Monday”

2020 February 01 Saturday

2020 February 01 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas For a more complete story of my day, go to http://www.TomAndEllaJournal.WordPress.com Clear skies do two things for us in our Texas home. They bring that nice, bright, and hot sunshine, The second effect of the clear sky is at night the temperature drops quickly. hough I didn’tContinue reading “2020 February 01 Saturday”