2019 December 02 Monday

2019 December 02 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas t was 40° outside and 58° inside when I rolled out of bed this morning. It climbed to 64°. ell, December 2nd was a very slow day. Kids are back to school, Thanksgiving break is over. The kids who came to the Santa set today were allContinue reading “2019 December 02 Monday”

2019 December 01 Sunday

2019 December 01 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas hat a change from the 71° start with a high of 82° to 43° this morning! he wispy mare’s tail clouds looked nice at sunrise. Often there are no clouds and the sunrise is rather plain and uninteresting. Sometimes the cloud cover is too thick and thereContinue reading “2019 December 01 Sunday”

2019 November 30 Saturday

2019 November 30 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas was uncomfortably warm last night, even with my bedroom window open. Now I know why. It was also very windy. A few gusts felt like something heavy had rammed into the trailer. It is substantially calmer, though still breezy, this morning. Again I made it safely toContinue reading “2019 November 30 Saturday”

2019 November 29 Friday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 29 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas oggy foggy morning. There was very little traffic this morning. Since this is Black Friday, I had expected the hoards of shoppers flooding the highways. It will be interesting to see how today plays out on the set. he mall was busy but certainly not theContinue reading “2019 November 29 Friday”

2019 November 28 Thursday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 28 Thursday – Thanksgiving in Liberty Hill, Texas was up at 6 and wrote a devotion for my Musings blog. I then prepared some items to take to the Thanksgiving gathering at my son, Arik’s. The foods I prepared were in remembrance of my mother. om always had a large garden (1/4Continue reading “2019 November 28 Thursday”

2019 November 27 Wednesday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 27 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas he trip into Cedar Park, Lakeline Mall was once again free of jam-packed traffic. It makes me wonder when my luck will run out.un out it did! You mast not want to sit and watch all 8 minutes of this video. If I had begun recordingContinue reading “2019 November 27 Wednesday”

2019 November 26 Tuesday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 26 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas here was some color in the predawn sky. However, by “sunrise” the sky was a dark charcoal. It was more like a sunset than a sunrise. ostly moderate traffic this morning. Since some of the area schools (maybe all) are on holidays break, I didn’t knowContinue reading “2019 November 26 Tuesday”

2019 November 25 Monday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 25 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas he sky was so bright and clear this morning even though the sun had not quite climbed over the mountain cedars. With a predicted high of 80° I decided that I needed neither a jacket nor a long-sleeve shirt today. y schedule had me working onlyContinue reading “2019 November 25 Monday”

2019 November 22 Friday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 22 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas Good morning! Gray skies are gonna clear up Put on a happy face Brush off the clouds and cheer up Put on a happy face Take of the gloomy mask of tragedy It’s not your style You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad You decidedContinue reading “2019 November 22 Friday”

2019 November 20 Wednesday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 20 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t looks like a nice week ahead, weatherwise. This morning might not be as bright and cheery as yesterday, but we had the door open and enjoyed the temperature and the breeze. t was a very slow day for Santa and even slower for the photographer.Continue reading “2019 November 20 Wednesday”